söndag 25 mars 2012


Ebba enjoying the spring sunshine!!

fredag 23 mars 2012

Some new pics..!

Our Queen one & only Kitty, 10 years in september!!
Quinoa after our power walk today!
Sunbathers Molly...

söndag 18 mars 2012

Some new pics of our dog..

Frenchie Olivia, photo: Lillemor Böös
Molly, photo: Lillemor Böös
Our queen S, No, Fin, INT UCH, NO-V 06, SE-V 08, VETV-11 Maxinice Joyance, over 9 years at photo!! Photo: Lillemor Böös
Quinoa 8 month, photo: Lillemor Böös

fredag 9 mars 2012


Molly after powerwalk today!!

onsdag 7 mars 2012

Beautiful winter pics from Finland!

Lovely winter photos on CH Maxinice Jolie Rouge (Kitty sister) 10 years in september. So proud of her!
Owner: Lena Olsson, Finland
Photo: Tiina Orava, Finland
Mother Tosca & daughter Smulan together!
Breeder & owner: Lena Olsson, Finland
Photo: Tiina Orava, Kennel Bulldale, Finland